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Start your day with YOU. It all starts with you. These tips can help you relieve your stress.
Making yourself a priority can be difficult, but it can mean so much for stress relief. I can paint a[...]
Wellness Wednesday: Exercise and Stress.
  This week I am talking about exercise and the stress relieving benefits it can have in our lives. It[...]
The importance of finding ways to relax and actually doing them today.
The importance of finding ways to relax no matter what that is. But actually doing it. Every week, I come[...]
Take a breath!
You can relax your entire body with this simple technique.  Are you ready to start today? The power of your[...]
Mindfulness helps you deal with stress and can help you cope with what is currently happening in your life.
This week I am talking about the third category in your stress style and that is mind/body. How it affects[...]
When stress shows up in your body. Here’s a few quick tips to help relieve it.
Do you feel tightness in your neck or shoulders when you are stressed out? I understand, because there are those[...]