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Holidays, Stress, and some tips!!!
The holidays can be a crazy, stressful time.  The stress that is caused by either our jobs, family, or unexpected[...]
Today is a great day to start!
Have you joined our group yet?https://www.facebook/groups/2488446401431272/?ref=share Stress and how it affects us is a big problem.  Bigger than than problem[...]
Are you impatient and is that causing you some stress?
You are driving behind the slowest driver ever.  All of the sudden you find yourself sighing, Wondering what the heck[...]
Wellness Wednesday: What is stopping you?
I want to talk to you about Mindfulness and how it has changed my life. There was a time that[...]
Let’s get a physical, physical.
I want you to stop and recall when you had your last physical. Write that date down. Hopefully it wasn’t[...]
Replay Week: Friday is here and some amazing stress busting tips.
Replay week:  Friday’s Check-in & Recap. How’s your Friday going so far today? I hope that it’s going well and[...]