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What you can do to make difference today?
How you can make a difference right now. These are crazy times and as we have seen it in every[...]
How to use exercise to help you release stress.
Worrying will get you nowhere. I have heard this many times.  Don’t worry, everything is going to be okay. Deep[...]
Are you in this with me?
Day 2. Only 12 to go. Things are so clear.   Imagine going on a vacation that you had planned[...]
Friday’s Check-in and Recap. You deserve it.
Friday’s Check-in and Recap.  Plus a relaxing tip. It’s Friday and it’s been a hectic week if I may say[...]
How to give yourself the credit you deserve today.
Stop and give yourself some credit.  Wait, all the credit. If you are a goal setter, go getter, a multi-tasking[...]
Friday’s Check-in. Finding your community.
This week I spoke about the importance of setting a community up for yourself and doing things that can help[...]