You are driving behind the slowest driver ever.  All of the sudden you find yourself sighing,

Wondering what the heck this person’s problem is and you need to be somewhere.

This constant need to be in a rush can create a feeling of stress and frustration.

Not having patience can cloud your entire life and may make you feel like you are rushing through your life.

What are we constantly rushing to?

What happens when you find yourself trying to control this situation, it controls you.

Think about it.

I used the example that there’s someone driving super slow in front of you and you are experiencing stress.

This raises your cortisol levels, maybe your blood pressure and you are no longer in control.

This brings me to asking you to practice patience.  Why?  This helps you slow down and something awesome happens.

What is that, you ask?

You get to experience the world, your life.

If you are paying attention to the traffic jam, the slow driver, you are not in the moment.

You are focusing on something else.  That something else is not you.

We know that there is a big difference between living and doing.

This can leave you feeling constantly stressed and angry.

In the Mindfulness To Go Deck by Dr. Bays it talks about impatience being a form of anger.

WOW!!! She goes on to state that underneath that is fear.

What are we fearing?  Not having enough time, maybe not doing enough in a day.

Time is truly a creation of our mind, and we must not waste it on things that can’t change.

Find time to quiet your mind.

Do something that you truly enjoy.

Do something daily to relieve your stress.

Whatever resonates with you.

Bringing peace into your life daily.

I want to share a quick exercise that I use to help me not only focus but feel better.

First thing you do is realize what this moment is.

It is temporary in time.

Now take a deep breath.

Breathe in through your nose and exhale through your mouth.

Do this three times.

If it helps to repeat a phrase to yourself or out loud, do that.

If you are alone in your car, get as creative as you would like.

I created a free download that includes some tools that will help you relieve your stress daily

What are you choosing as your favorite way to reduce your stress?

Stay safe friends.