Water has been shown to have natural calming properties. Do you know what else it can do? It can keep you hydrated and keep your stress levels down. It’s a win-win situation. According to some studies, when you don’t give your body the fluids, it needs stress kicks in.

I drink water all day, and I get it; water can be BORING. Why not add some FLAVOR to it to kick it up a notch? Liquid IV and Ultima have some pretty cool flavors and recently added mocktails to their collection https://www.itsmetoni.com/stress-busting-tools. Many people need help with how much water they should drink or question whether they should do it.

I invite you to carry water to help you remember to drink it and set a timer to start your reminders. The benefits of drinking water are endless. Signs that you may need to drink water are increased hunger, headache; you may feel tired, or dryness. As always, check with your doctor to ensure there isn’t something serious going on with your health. Also, you should be scheduling your physicals yearly.

How much water should you be drinking? Many different factors depending on your weight, gender, and exercise levels. I found that women consume 92 ounces of water, and men can drink 124 ounces of water daily.

Whatever you decide, please do it for your health and to help relieve your body’s stress.

Drinking water may not eliminate your worries, but it can help alleviate many other symptoms. My tip for water intake is to add some electrolytes to it that are sweet and natural. I drink that all day, and it’s refreshing.

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