I wouldn’t even sound sane if I told you how many times I worried about things that kept me up all night. Worry has kept me up many nights, only to find out that what I was worried about was a scene I created, played, and even set the stage for. Worry is just that. You are playing scenes to the worst-case scenario. I learned quickly that this led me down a deeper road of anxiety, sadness, and terrible feeling.

What is the solution to this problem? I don’t claim to know that this is THE solution, but it has worked for me. I use different methods that have come together for me, but the main one is breathing and purging those thoughts. I will set the scene for you. Worry led me to believe that I would not be able to buy a house again. I was divorced and in debt, and things seemed irreparable. Those pesky thoughts had me worrying about my credit score and that it could not happen.  I was wrong and there are ways to deal with everything. Though it may not happen right away, it will work out. Though this was a small example, the anxiety and embarrassment I felt were not worth all it caused. I invite you today to sit and close your eyes. Think about what would make you feel better and imagine that situation. If imagining things isn’t your thing, is the worry working for you? How is that making you think?

An exercise that helps me purge my thoughts when they get the best of me is a worry purge. Keep a notebook by your bed and write things down as they come up when you have difficulty falling asleep.Lay on your back after you purge your thoughts, inhale through your nose, and exhale out of your mouth. You can place your hands on your stomach and feel the rise and fall of your hands as you breathe. I do this often, and it helps me fall asleep. One great way to add to this is to use a lavender essential oil and relax.

Please remember to do something daily to help you relieve your stress.

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I hope your day is fantastic as you!