Breathing in and Breathe out to reduce your stress.

I can’t say this enough, that our breath is where it is at.

I will repeat myself over and over again because these tips have helped me feel better.

And…I can’t keep them a secret. I must share with you what has worked for me.

I am hoping that it will help you too.

We don’t usually pay attention to our breath, or what we are doing, but when we do it is life changing.

Let’s talk about this.

Breathing has an impact on our mood.

It has an impact on our body.

It has an impact on our stress level.

How we breathe can help our entire body.

Why don’t we pay attention to this more, or even know more about it?

Focusing on our breath can have positive effects on our body and mind. 

A recent study published in the Journal of Neurophysiology may support this claim, and what is has revealed is that several brain regions linked to our emotions, attention, and body awareness are activated when we pay attention to our breath.


So how does this help with STRESS?

If you are stressed and are breathing rapidly the quick breathing rates may trigger feelings like, anxiety, anger, or fear.   Studies have shown that when we are tuned into fear, we are breathing rapidly.* This means that if we slow down our breathing we can reduce fear and anxiety. 

That is HUGE people. 

What techniques can you follow and which ones will help you feel better?

I can only share the books and resources that I have found that have helped me.

What you can do is figure out which one resonates with you and do that.

Here are a few of my favorite techniques:

Relaxation breath

This is referred to as diaphragmatic breathing, belly breathing, and abdominal breathing. These breathing exercises help reduce your stress, blood pressure, heart rate, and production of stress hormones.  You can read more about this in Dr. Belisa Vranich’s book, Breathe

Calming breath or Coherent breath

This breath is calming and can help you fall asleep.  With this breathing exercise you can do it either sitting up or lying down.  Close your eyes and, breathing at about five breaths per minute through your nose, very gently inhale four counts and exhale four counts.  Increase the exhale to six counts for sedation.  You can read more here:

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It’s not too late to start taking care of yourself.  Today is the perfect day to start.

I can’t wait to see you.

Stay safe out there.