Relaxation shouldn’t be a hard thing.

Hey friends it has been a hot minute since I have been here.

You know how life happens and things just can go crazy at times.

It definitely goes against everything I talk about when I talk about relieving your stress. It is a thing that You must pay attention to, even when you are in it.

Let’s talk about things that I stopped doing for an entire week when my mother had her stroke. I literally forgot to take a breath.  I was going non-stop and bam, I felt like I hit a brick wall.

This is what we want to avoid happening. Our body goes through so much when we are stressed.

I am glad that I caught myself and this is what I did. The night before I had to visit my mother, I packed a back of essentials.  This bag contained a roller bottle of oils I had put together, a spray bottle, a portable diffuser, a blanket, and my Apple Airpods.  I also used my Apple Ipad and listened to music. You can create your own playlist

These things are FOR REAL people.  Listening to music helped me relax and I paired my breath with it as well to help me relieve my anxiety.

We all know that our jobs are stressful, but we also have our own family stuff happening too.

I created a list of things that I used with my Amazon Affiliate Account.  I am going to link them all below.  These are just suggestions and if you choose to purchase them, they are through my Amazon Affiliate Account.

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The tips I want to leave you with today are this:

  1. Stop and take a breath.
  2. Slow down and just BE.
  3. Have a go-to thing that you can turn to. Here’s a bunch of tips you can listen to: youtube link.
  4. Create a playlist of music that you can listen to.
  5. Meditation link
  6. Place yourself on top of the list.

Please remember to do something for yourself daily to relieve your stress.

Please subscribe to my YouTube Channel for more daily tips.  Stay Safe friends.