What happens when you tell someone what you want to do and that person doesn’t quite agree with it?

Do you stop or do you keep on going?

Finding peace sometimes means doing what you want to do and not caring what others think.

But sometimes we do care what they think and don’t follow our dreams.

You have the power to make these decisions and to choose peace.

Think about it. You really want to do something?

You feel awesome about it.

You are looking for validation, and boom someone crushes it.

The answers are already within you.  If you really want to do something. Just do it.

Follow your heart.

Again, I repeat, you are pure love, follow your heart.

Ask yourself key questions, when you are having doubts.

Take time to tune into your feelings and honor them.  They are real.

Look for people who are supportive of your vision and stop tapping into people who are incapable of

supporting you.

There are many people out here, who want to support you and who will cheer you on.

Do what makes you happy.

Follow your heart and live your best life.