Friday’s check-in and recap.

This is actually everyone’s favorite day of the week, except if you work shift work, don’t have every weekend off, and you are like most First Responders.

Yeah, it’s Friday and day 2 of the work week for me. Booo. Yeah, booo.

It’s not always a bad thing to not have the weekend off, but it’s nice when you can hang with all your friends and family.

Okay back to this check-in and recap.

This week I spoke about one of my favorite things and that is meditation.

I feel that this is something that if you don’t really understand you could possibly not give it a chance.

I want to change that and have you feel as excited about it as I am.

So what am I talking about?

I am talking about how I focus with meditation, what I do and how it may not follow a “set” program, but I feel so GOOD after doing this every single day.

First thing I do is set an intention for myself.

I think about what my goal is for this meditation.

What is it that I need to focus on, do I need to relax, do I need to just connect to me.

Whatever I decide is my intention I go with it.

Now hear me out. 

My favorite place to do this is in my bath.

I add Epsom salts to my bath, and I lay in the tub.

I pay attention to my breaths, and I meditate.

You could also do this in any room in your house, in your office, wherever you want.

I often set a timer just to help me focus a little more.  People this is how I do it, it may not be for everyone out here.

I want to share what works for me and if it resonates with you and it can help, its great.

Focus on your breathing.  This is important. I can’t say this enough.

I read a book by Dr.Belisa Vranich that talks about how we breathe, and there are step by step instructions in this book.  If you get a chance check it out. It is really, really good.

Finding ways to relieve your stress are important and doing them daily is key to feeling good.

I love sharing all the books that I love and the second one that I am sharing with you today is The 5-Minute Calm This book has 200 easy mindfulness exercises.  They are all quick and take the excuse of not having enough time out of it.  

Try the breathing meditation exercise in this book. It is AMAZING.

REMEMBER that breathing infuses our body with oxygen.  It gives us the energy that we need and it helps us calm down in stressful situations.

So what are you doing to relieve your stress?

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It’s not too late to start taking care of yourself.  Today is the perfect day to start.

I can’t wait to see you.

Stay safe out there.