Moving your body to relieve your stress.

Every time I say this, people automatically think of working out.  I understand that.

What I am talking about is just simple movement. If it’s working out that comes up for you, then it’s a good thing.

Let me back up a bit.

There was a time that I used to believe that I didn’t have enough time for working out.

Yeah, sorry excuse.

That I didn’t have enough time to complete a workout and how I made every excuse to fit this in.

Now, fast forward to realizing that those were all excuses and that I did in fact have time. 

What am I talking about? You’ve probably used some of these too.

I had time to watch t.v.

I had time to drive to the store and shop.

I had time to sit and drink my coffee.

But I didn’t have time to get moving, to workout.

I had to call B.S. on myself.

People, this is so important and the benefits are amazing. They outweigh all those NEGATIVE excuses.

Research points to the benefits of movement and how beneficial it is for our brain.  We know that the brain is the control center of the body, the body also directly impact the functionality and health of the brain *

The benefits are worth it. 

The two benefits that I want to point out as it relates to stress and first responders is that it helps reduce it.

Who doesn’t need that?

Moving our body also helps to boost our mood and this is a win-win.

I want to talk to you about something that I love doing especially when I am sitting for a long time. And that is activating my brain with movement. 

So if I am sitting for a long time and can’t do anymore, I get up and move.

I either go get a cup of coffee, or just leave my house for a few minutes.

The best way to release the cortisol is to get moving.   Cortisol as you know is our stress hormone.

Let’s try this real quick.

Think of something you want to do right now. 

Stop and count 5-4-3-2-1.

And do it.

I hope that you chose something that you could do right now and actually did it.

I always say that when I count backwards, clap my hands, and spring into action, I just took charge of my day.

No, I didn’t create this concept, but I will tell you that Mel Robbins did, and she talks about it in her book, The Five Second Rule.  It’s Ah-mazing.  Yes it is.  Life changing to be exact. http://@melrobbins

So when you think of something that you want to do and you have all these excuses pop up, count backwards and spring into action.

This is another form of that movement that I was talking about.

Get moving, get away from what is stumping you and just do it.

So I ask you friends, how are you going to get moving today?

Remember that it all starts with you, and you deserve the best.

Please remember to do something daily to relieve your stress.

Place yourself on top of the list.

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It’s not too late to start taking care of yourself.  Today is the perfect day to start.

I can’t wait to see you.

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Stay safe out there.