February 14, 2019

Happy Love Yourself More Day.

Ahhh! Valentine’s Day.

The day that everyone is sending love out.

The day that you see the images of hearts, chocolates, texts filled with love tones, all over the world.

Are you feeling the LOVE?

Can you feel it?  Can you feel it? I hear this song playing in my head.

Can’t remember the artist, but it’s definitely an 80’s club mix.

Well… I wasn’t exactly feeling this day, if I must be honest.

I then started thinking, wait a minute. Today is a great day to love yourself more.

It really is.

You can give yourself a little more tender loving care.

Stop and acknowledge how beautiful you truly are.

Thank your body for it’s strength and loyalty to you.

Thank yourself for all you have overcome and have continued to endure.

Yes, people yes.

You are simply amazing.

Most of us associate Valentine’s Day as a celebration for people who are in a relationship.

People who are in love with someone else.

Well, that’s awesome and all.  But we should be really loving ourselves first.


We don’t have to sit around waiting for other people to tell us how awesome we are.

Or that we are loved or that we deserve love.

We don’t have to be in a relationship or in love to feel great or love ourselves.

So what if you are single.

You have yourself to celebrate.

You didn’t get flowers.

Buy yourself some flowers.

No one told you they loved you.

Have you told yourself that?

I mean have to stopped to tell yourself that you love yourself.


That’s ok. Do it now.

Tell yourself that right now.

Seriously, stop right now.

Stop what you are doing and tell yourself that.

Say it, I love you.

Stop and look at yourself in the mirror and say it.

I love you.

It all starts with you.

Please take time for yourself daily by doing things to honor yourself.

For more tips on how to add daily self-care tips head on over to:https://coursecraft.net/c/Freedownload

Or you can listen to my podcast here: https://anchor.fm/wellnessforyou

Take care of yourself and stay safe.