Has it been a rough week or what?

I know we have been busy with so many different calls and things are just a bit crazy.

I have to ask you. How do you handle stress?  What are your go-to techniques?

I am going to share my top 5 ways to deal with stress and that I believe goes hand in hand with difficult people.

Let’s face it. Difficult people, often cause stress.  Right?  I know for sure they do.

I would love to hear what your tips are and if any of these tips I am sharing are helpful to you.

Tip #1

Count to ten in your head.  Either backwards or forwards, this can help get you to calm down.

Mel Robbins uses counting backwards from 5. Did I mention, how much I love that book?  The Five Second Rule by Mel Robbins is an awesome, awesome book.

Tip #2

Focus on the positive.

Tip #3

Do things that make you feel good or make you happy.

Tip #4

Meditate or go for a walk

Tip #5

Take a bath. This can be calming and can boost your mood.


Take some time for yourself, you deserve it.

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