Worrying will get you nowhere.

I have heard this many times.  Don’t worry, everything is going to be okay.

Deep inside my heart and my mind I know that things will always workout.

The worrying is inevitable and it takes over my every thought.

That’s where we are today.

We are worried of what is going to happen.

What if it doesn’t get better.

What if I bring this home to my family.

These are all valid thoughts and concerns, but we must find a way to deal with them.

A way that will not only help us get through the day and one that will make us feel better.

I shared a few tips with you at Mindfulness for First Responders on Facebook (Link to group is below).

Choosing healthier meals.

Going for a walk.

Finding a way to release your stress, tension, and worry.

I want to share some tips that work for me.

Throughout this entire self-quarantine I will be researching ways to help you find your inner peace.

It is super important to find your inner peace and keep your immune system healthy.

How can you do that right now?

You can get moving.

That’s right.

Start moving your body people.

Exercise helps you decrease your chances of developing heart disease.  It keeps your bones healthy and strong according to MedlinePlus.

There are some theories on how exercise can help you fight illness.  That means that physical activity can help flush out bacteria and may reduce your chances of getting a cold, flu, or other illness.*

What I found fascinating is the science behind this.  Exercise causes change in antibodies and white blood cells.  We know that white blood cells are the body’s immune system cells that fight disease.

So when you are working out and your body temperature is rising, it can help prevent bacteria from growing and can help fight off infection better.

Exercise also helps slow down the release of stress hormones.  Some stress can increase your chances of getting sick.

EXERCISE is good for you. 

I repeat, exercise is good for you.

Exercise always makes me feel energized and so good.

Exercise can help you feel healthier and have more energy.

There are some illnesses that are linked to stress.

If you are constantly feeling stressed it is doing something to your body.

It is not something good.

You may be feeling an upset stomach, hives, or other ailments.

As always I ask you to stop and listen to your body.

When things show up, you need to go to a doctor.

Have you scheduled your yearly exam yet?

If you haven’t, right now is a perfect time to do so.

There may be restrictions on doctor visits right now, but that doesn’t mean you can’t set up a teleconference with a doctor to discuss your symptoms.

Remmeber that stress looks different for each of us.  What makes me feel stressed, will not be the same reason you feel it.

I want to leave you with this.

Pay attention to your breath and how you are breathing.

There are many resources out here on breathing, the best way to do it, and how to use it with meditation.

The other tip is to write things down that are worrying you. 

If you are a worrier like me, writing things down to help release them.

I write a list of all the things that are bothering me and then I get rid of the list.

It’s what I call my worry purge.  This helps me and I hope that you will find it helpful as well.

Please do something daily to relieve your stress.

Place yourself on top of the list.

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It’s not too late to start taking care of yourself.  Today is the perfect day to start.

I can’t wait to see you. 

Stay safe out there.

*Instant Calm by Karen Salmansohn https://amzn.to/2Ht860f.

Leave your Mind Behindhttp:// https://amzn.to/2WzmYDe