Relieving stress is a daily operation and you can do it.

It hasn’t always been easy making myself a priority, but it has become my best gift to myself.

You see, stress is not something I knew how to handle and I surely did not hear anyone talking about it.

Fast forward to real life stuff and real-life work stuff.  Those things that can easily pile on top of you and make you feel tired, and as I say, “some kind of way.”

I just let those things pile up on me and then they became bigger things. Headaches, stomach aches, irritability, tiredness etc. You get what I am saying?

That’s the reason, that I have made this my passion, to help as many people not only identify their stress style but to also find things daily to relieve it.

The best part about being a human is that we are all different, unique and have our own styles.

No one can change that, and nor should you want them to.

What I do think needs to change is how we deal with stress.

As a first responder, more specifically a police officer, I don’t remember anyone ever stopping and asking how I was dealing with stress.

After all, we see a lot of things in a day. We deal with a lot of things in our entire careers. Enough to change how we see the world and how we feel.

Hey, I am not knocking anyone or complaining. What I am doing is saying, people recognize it and do something about it.

I found that doing things for myself daily helped deal with my stress.

Yes, I know, I talk about a lot of weird concepts, but they work.

Meditation…my favorite.

Deep breathing…my other favorite.

Exercising…not my favorite, but I do it, daily.

There are proven studies that all of these will help you relieve stress.

How do you get started?

I am glad you asked.

Start right here, right now and stop what you are doing.  That’s if it is safe and ok for you to do it.

Now take a deep breath. Fully breathe in and feel it in your stomach and then blow it out.

Try that a couple of times.

Fully feeling the tension, tightness, anxious feelings, going away with each breath.

It’s that simple.

I always tell everyone if you need to speak to someone, there is no shame in that.

I think it’s awesome there are people out here that are qualified to listen to you, give you advice and keep it in their office.  That’s an opportunity to start over and do things differently.

Stress and anxiety are common for most people, and very common for us as First Responders.

It’s important to find ways DAILY to help you relieve it.

I share quite a few tips on my podcast at Wellness for you, YouTube, Alexa flash briefing and on Facebook.

My tips may not be your first choice and that’s ok.  But find something that inspires you and that helps you relieve your stress.

Please remember to take care of yourself and more importantly stay safe out there.