Knowing what triggers your stress and having a plan with these tips.

Hey friends, feeling stressed out all the time can do a number on our body and mind.

That’s why it is so important to find ways to relieve your stress, but also knowing what it is that is causing it.

I found this super helpful and have felt better about how I go about my day.

This is why I am excited to share these tips with you and help you have a plan.

I talk about Your Stress Style and knowing how you register stress in your body.

The Mind, body and mind/body combination.

Finding ways to relieve your stress is key.

So if you worry a lot like me then you are the MIND person.

If you feel it in your body, You experience stress in your BODY.

If you feel both MIND and BODY then you are the combination type.

How are you relieving your stress?

Do you know what your stress triggers are?

I share my experience with you about flying and feeling a bit anxious about it.

I am not afraid to fly but all the requirements, the long lines, the feeling of not having enough time etc., create these worrisome thoughts.  It spirals and I feel it in my body.

Many people can relate to this feeling and have shared similar experiences. 

This is why it is so important to know what your stress trigger is.

Knowing this has helped me not only deal with it better but talk to my friends about it.

What is my specific plan of attack on this?

Getting to the airport early, having an essential oil to breathe and relax me and not letting my thoughts spiral out of control.

Grab your notebooks and use this journal prompt to help you identify what is your trigger.

When I feel this way________I feel_______. 

I find ways to relieve it by_________.

This is my favorite way to identify stress triggers but also having a way to release it.

Please find ways daily to relieve your stress.

Place yourself on top of the list.

Here are few helpful tips in my Wellness Guide

Stay safe out there.

Thank you to my dear friend, @psmith160 for the amazing photo.