How do you relax?

Have you considered meditation?

Meditation has so many benefits and it’s so easy to add to your daily routine.

Before I dive into the benefits, I know there is someone out here thinking that they

Have given this a try and it just didn’t work.

Trust me, I know, I also had the same reaction in the beginning.

What I found out as  I researched the benefits for relieving stress was that I was

Meditating daily and didn’t even know it.

I mean simple things such as adult coloring. This activity is not only relaxing but it provides

Low-stress, reminds us of being young children and it is a great relaxation technique. It is a great way to find your inner Zen

and unlock your artistic side.

It’s super easy to get yourself ready for this great technique and just relax.   You can purchase these coloring books anywhere,

even the dollar store.  Find a quiet and comfortable place, with no distractions and color away. suggests

that a repetitive process of coloring Mandalas, their geometric shapes, can be beneficial to you and basically any person, at

any age, can do it.  It’s a great way to find some quiet time, be with your thoughts and color your stress away.

The second meditation technique that I think we all do and never really thought much of it is people watching.

I get a chuckle out of this because I have seriously done this while at the park and while sitting at the beach.  Watching is

meditation, according to Barbara Ann Kipfer, author of Natural Meditation.  I couldn’t agree with her more.

She states that the quality of being aware, observing and being alert, are what meditation is all about. It means

awareness and anything having to do with this is meditation.

How can you start doing this today?

I ask you to pick either one of these or come up with your own.  Allow yourself at least five minutes.

Start out with only five minutes and increase your time as you go.

Allowing yourself this time to be with your thoughts, decompress and relax.

You deserve that.

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Do you need a quick way to get yourself back in check? Here’s a great way to do it.

Please remember to take care of yourself and to stay safe out there.