This week I am talking about the third category in your stress style and that is mind/body. How it affects your stress level and how to do things you like to relieve that stress.

What is stress?

Stress is often defined as mental or emotional strain or tension resulting from something that is currently happening in your life.

We all handle stress differently and there is no denying that we all deal with stress on a daily basis.

What it does to your body and your mind, can have lasting effects.

That’s why I talk about relieving your stress daily and finding ways to feel better.

Mindfulness helps us recognize this need to be fully present, rather than ignore or retreat from reality.

This is an effective tool for changing your level of stress right now.

How do you do this?

Well, you have to figure out what you like, what you are going to do and do it.

Grab a pen and paper and write this down.  This is how stress is affecting my performance today.

Write down all the things that come up for you.  Remember that stress affects us all differently, so our answers will never be the same. And that’s perfectly ok.

No matter what your stress style is. Meditation can help you.

Meditation can rewire your brain. The technical term is neuroplasticity, which means your brains ability to change itself.

When you properly manage stress, instead of letting it manage you, your body and brain can take all that energy previously wasted and use that energy on other things you want to do in your life.*

This brings me to an exercise that not only will help you relax but that will have you focusing on it.

The best way to keep yourself grounded and in control is with your breath.

Just Breathe.

Where ever you are or whatever you may be doing, stop and take a long deep breath.

Hold it for a moment and then exhale.

Breathe deeply again, starting from you belly and expanding your stomach.  Exhale fully and just feel your body relaxing and muscles loosening up.

This one of my favorite exercises and you can do this anywhere.  You can set your timer for 3 minutes or count 15 breaths.

Anytime you feel stressed, anytime you feel like you need a break, anytime you just want to come back to you, take a breath.  Seriously, take a breath.

Write down things that will help you remember to do this or set alerts for yourself.

It all starts with you and taking care of yourself is your priority.

Remember to do things daily to relieve your stress.

Stay safe out there

*Stress less, Accomplish More by Emily Fletcher.

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