It has been a minute since I have been here but I wanted to let you know that all is good.

I am still working on creating and helping First Responders relieve their stress by sharing tips that I have used or created.

This is an exciting thing for me.  Hopefully you can feel it too.

I often talk to you about how stress affects us and how it can make you feel terrible.

Don’t I know it.


It brings me to sharing a meditation that I recorded recently that has helped me deal with worries and things that are simply bugging, the you know what out of me.

The benefits of meditation are endless.

You are probably thinking, “I’ve tried this.”  “It hasn’t worked.”  “My mind wanders.”

I get it, trust me I do.

I want you think about it as a mental break and you are pausing all actions for a few minutes.

This is how I tackled this and how I was able to incorporate it into my daily life.

I close my eyes, I set a timer for five minutes and then I take my thoughts and place them into clouds.

It is not about how real or unreal this process is.  It is about releasing what is burdening you.  That’s stopping you from moving forward.

Worries can be debilitating.

They can have a hold on you.

They can stop you from feeling better.

I can tell you this, because I have been there quite a few times.

The exciting part of sharing this meditation with you is that I know that it has brought me peace when I needed it.

Today I ask you to listen to it, place your worries in clouds and move on with your day.

As always I want to remind you to reach out to someone if you need to talk to anyone.  There is absolutely no shame in wanting to talk to someone.

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I am grateful for you.

Stay safe friends.