Listening to music is my way of relieving stress especially after a long day.

On my way to work every single day, I play music.

After work, I play music🎶

Music 🎶has a way of soothing our souls. It can help us feel better no matter what has happened.

It has a profound effect on our emotions and our body.

This is definitely a well-established way to help manage stress.

You can create as many playlists as you would like and use them accordingly.

Research shows that listening to different tempos of music can help change brain functioning much like medicine has been reported to do.*

The question is, what type of music should you listen to, to help you relieve your stress?

The answer is…whatever you like to listen to is what will help you relieve your stress.

Creating a playlist or playlists to help combat that stress is one of my favorite tips to share.

You can create as many as you would like and name each one.

I share a few tips here on this replay video on using music to relieve stress.

You know I love meditation and I can’t go a day without talking about it.

I know you aren’t surprised by this, but you can meditate with music.

Perhaps this isn’t your thing but using music to get through that tough day and relax you is the way to go.

The other benefits that music provide are helps elevate your mood, improve your concentration, improve your sleeping patterns, to name a few.

🎶MUSIC 🎶is a way to release, unwind, and relax.

How can you create a playlist?

Super easy… If you have an Apple iphone, which is what I have, just go on over to Apple and it guides you through each step in creating your FAVORITE playlist.

You can also use Apple music and add songs to the playlist directly.

How do you know if this will work for you?

The only way to know is to give it a try.

I was listening to Marie Forleo and she said the only way to know if something is going to work is by giving it a try.

I have to agree that sometimes we overthink things, and we fail to take action.

Please stop and schedule your yearly physicals today.

If you need to talk to someone, there’s no shame in that.  Do it.

People, please do something daily to relieve your stress and place yourself on top of the list.

Stay safe out there.

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