It’s Replay week and I am sharing some stress relieving tips.

We all need time to relax and take a break🧘

This week, I am resting my voice and healing.

We must know when it is time to relax and listen to our bodies.

I decided to go back and check out which videos were the most popular and which tips resonated with people. 💙

That’s what makes me so happy is knowing that there is so much we can do to help each other out.

YOU know, come up with stress busting ideas and tips.

Have you ever watched a movie and then the second time you feel like you got more out of it?

Replays are great because they remind us of some things we may have lost the first few listens.

The most important question of all is…How are you feeling friends?

Have you been doing something daily to help relieve your stress?

Stress affects us all. No matter what your job is.

These are FACTS.

You may feel symptoms and you may feel that stress fuels you.

While those things may be true, too much of stress can hurt your body.

Too much stress can wear you down and make you sick, both mentally and physically.

Speaking of PHYSICALLY, have you scheduled your yearly physical?

If not, today is a perfect day to do so.  Pick up the phone and schedule your yearly physical.

How do you deal with stress?

What do you feel when you are stressed out?

This post is not about making you feel like you aren’t doing this right.

It’s about talking about this thing called stress and how as First Responders we don’t stop to think that it’s doing something to our bodies.

It’s about managing stress, not letting it manage us.

Stress is our body’s way of reacting to an event.

Stop and think of how many calls we go to in our careers.

I know my head spun around thinking of how many calls I’ve responded to, and how much they impacted my life.

Some of these calls were great, some good, and some bad.

During stressful situations, our heart rate increases, breath quickens, our muscles tighten, and our blood pressure rises.

Stress, like I have said before means different things to different people. We all have our ways of handling stress and not all stress is bad.

This is why it’s my mission and passion to get us to relieve our stress daily. Whether that is with meditation, breathing, going for a run, listening to music, coloring, creating things, or whatever resonates with you.

This week will be fun as I share past tips, with a twist.

Stop right now and place your hand on your chest and take a deep breath.

In through your nose, blow it out through your mouth.

You matter my friend and you are amazing.

💙Stay safe💙