Start where you are. Use What you have. Do What you can.

You must start where you are ready and comfortable. You see handling stress daily is the best way in my opinion.

We shouldn’t be waiting for a day off or our vacation to relax. This is something we should be doing daily, to help us relieve and reduce our stress.

Starting today, I would recommend carrying a notebook with you and writing down how you feel, where you are feeling the stress and what you did to feel better.

This is a great way not only to see the pattern of how you are feeling but also a great way to see how you are managing it. Perhaps when you get stressed out, you get something sweet. Maybe you are trying to figure out why you aren’t losing weight and this is the culprit. I always recommend seeing a doctor and getting a yearly physical because sometimes things aren’t that simple to figure out, and Your doctor knows best.

The three stress styles I love talking about and digging into are mind, body and mind/body combination. The Wellness Concepts and Applications textbook has a whole section on stress management, and an assessment exercise.  Identifying your stress style and choosing ways to feel better is crucial.  Think about all the stress that you are feeling and how you are dealing with it on a daily basis.

Here are three tips on helping you relax more.

Tip #1- Use lavender essential oils to help you relax.

Tip #2-Schedule at least five minutes a day for yourself.

Tip #3-Stop and breathe. Three deep breaths can help you relieve tension in your body and can help you think more clearly.

The negative results of stress can affect you over time.  Identifying the source of stress and dealing with it early on, can make a world of a difference in our lives.  Please choose to relax and unwind daily.


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