How are you relieving your stress?

Let’s talk about stress and how it affects each and every person differently.

After all we are individuals and we are unique.

Thank goodness.

If we were all alike, it would be so dang boring.


Back to relieving stress.

Do you do that daily?

Do you know what works for you?

I love talking about this because, no one ever stopped to tell me that stress was manageable.

So here I am talking about things that not only may help you but that could actually make

You feel good.

That’s what it is about.

Feeling good, feeling great, being healthy.

The American Institute on stress reports that 77 % of people who regularly experience physical symptoms, report it was stress related.*

73% regularly experience psychological symptoms.

33% report that they are living in extreme stress.

48% feel like their stress has increased over the past five years.

What the heck is stress?

Stress is highly debatable and there are so many different definitions.

We all have different ideas on what stress is. The most common and the ones that I talk about are what affect us as First Responders, which is often related to what we do on a daily basis.

We know that most people associate stress with something negative.

But stress isn’t always caused by something negative.

The type of stress I talk about and that affects us as First Responders is referred to as distress.

Things that may cause this type of stress are divorce, punishment, injuries, negative feelings,

Financial issues, or work difficulties or work in general.

How do we begin to relieve this stress and what can you do starting right now?

I am all about giving you tips to helping you feel better so you can have a productive day and don’t have to wait for your days off to relax.

So let’s start with some super helpful tips:

Tip #1 Get a daily planner.

Get yourself a nice planner and open it up.

Yes, as silly as that sounds, open that bad boy up.

Now take a look at every day of the week.

Grab yourself a pen and start scheduling 5 minutes to yourself, every day.

You are probably thinking, “What the heck is she talking about?”

Well, I am talking about devoting time to yourself.

This is the first step. Acknowledging that you deserve a spot in that calendar.

Tip #2 Pick doable activities.

Things that you can do every day and not have to use the excuse that you couldn’t get to it.

Some doable activities could include a short walk, listening to classical music as you close your eyes, meditate, short walk, adult coloring, you get the idea?

Tip #3 Deep breathing.

This tip will work anywhere, at any time in any situation.

This is my go-to tip and it has helped me through some major things.

How do you do this?

Start by focusing on your breaths.

When we get stressed out or there’s something going on, we don’t take deep breaths.

You see, stress has an effect on our bodies and breathing is one of those.

Have you ever felt this way? Your heart races, your breath quickens and you feel tense?

If this happens every day it takes a toll on your body.

The idea is to take time for yourself daily.

Don’t let stress run your life.

You choose to make it better and you choose what that is.

For more tips and support head on over to my Facebook page @Wellness for you page, Instagram @Wellness_4_you and you can now listen to more tips on my podcast, Wellness for you at

Take care of yourselves, make yourself a priority and remember to stay safe out there.