Support and community is where it’s at.

There’s nothing more uplifting than people who support each other.

Do you have that network set up for yourself?

I know I didn’t when I first started in this profession.

I didn’t know a lot of women in this field or people in my circle

who were in this field.

I had many questions and there were times I needed support.

You see, stress comes in many different forms especially when you are a mom and wife.

I didn’t know that I would be struggling with seeing a dead child when I arrived home to take care of my own son.

Or would lose sleep over not understanding why a person decided to kill people.

All these things, I knew would be part of the “job”, but didn’t know they would leave imprints in

my soul.

This is why I talk about looking for ways to feel better daily, talk to people when you need to, take deep breaths,

and more importantly to schedule time for yourself.

You are your biggest priority and you are worth every minute.

When you surround yourself with supportive people, you won’t feel alone.

I tell you to be with people that accept you as you are.

That uplift you.

That help you feel great and alive.

Be with people who don’t add stress to your life.

Be with people that allow YOU to be YOURSELF.

Be who you are and wear that proudly.

If those people don’t like who they see, they aren’t your people.

If they want you to be like “someone” else, stop and ask yourself.

Why do I want to be like someone else, when I am full of greatness.

You are here for a reason. That reason is to be you. To add to this world a bit of uniqueness.

I know it can be hard and a struggle in this profession. I mean, the need or feeling to fit in or to belong. Let’s face it, if you don’t belong to a particular group, those aren’t your people.

No need to be upset, or let it take space up in your brain.  It’s just the way it is. Look for people that resonate with your purpose, your uniqueness, your greatness. Those are your people.

It takes so long to understand this when the veteran officers first tell you this. It takes time to learn about the person you are. It comes with time, but it’s really great to be reminded of it.

I recently found a great mantra in one of my favorite books, My Pocket Mantras by Tanaaz Chubb. I accept who I am. It is safe for me to be myself.  I would suggest you write this down and recite it several times to yourself.  In his book he talks about how powerful words are and how they connect us to each other. Words do have the ability to shift your mindset.  One of my favorite sentences in his book is the reminder that words carry their own vibrations, these vibrations can create a ripple effect in the universe. This ripple effect can influence your mood, your mind and your life.*   Super powerful.

I ask you how are you showing up. What are you hiding that we need to see more of.  The world is ready to accept and love you, just as you are.  I love what Tanaaz Chubb says and that is, the more you believe this and start living as if it were your truth, the more you will start to see it mirrored in the world around you.*

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*Chubb, T. (2018). My Pocket Mantras: Powerful Words To Connect, Comfort, and Protect. Adams Media: Massachusetts.