Taking time to regroup and relax are sometimes necessary.

I ask that you take some time and relax because sometimes that is all you need to feel better.

This could be the most stressful day yet or the most relaxed and easy going day.

Practicing these techniques everyday can help you keep yourself in check.

Trust me, when I don’t do this, I am in for it.

Start out by acknowledging that you are human, and that we all make mistakes.

Then find a place where you can just sit and be alone with either your thoughts or emotions.

Feel them and let them be.

Often times, we suppress how we feel because we are embarassed, fear being judged, or don’t want to look weak.

Feel the feels!!! Seriously.

I carry essentials oils with me all the time and my favorite are lavender, orange and eucalyptus.

Find something that makes you feel good and carry that with you.

It can be anything.

The last tip I will talk about is taking at least three deep breaths and relaxing your entire body.  Breathe in through your nose deeply, blow it out through your mouth. Close your eyes and sit in silence as you do this.

You feel more relaxed, release the tension and keep it moving.

Always remember how awesome you are and that this too shall pass.

If you would like more tips on how to connect to your mind, body and soul, check out our free 5 day challenge here: https://coursecraft.net/courses/z9VBY

Stay safe and have a great day.