Do you ever wonder how you can write a book or let alone get any of your goals done? I want to share with you that I often wondered about this and then I would set it aside and say, “I will do that when I am on vacation.”  “I will read that book when I have a day off.”  “I will drive there someday, I don’t have time.”  Any of these sound familiar?

Taking inspired action is important. Doing this daily, helps you not only live your dreams, but it also helps you reach that end goal.  I started writing a book / workbook. I decided that I wanted to complete this task but wasn’t sure how I was going to fit this in. You know with work, life and more work.  So, I decided to start writing a little bit every day. I would add some paragraphs here and there and just put in an effort toward my goals, my dreams, my business.  Guess what happened?  I did this for 26 days and my 30-day workbook is almost done. Say what?  Yes, it’s almost done.  What I am asking you to do starting today is to start here.  Just start. Put a little effort into it daily and I promise in 30 days, it will be a whole different story.

Some tips on getting started:

  1. Write down what it is you want to do.  This always helps to look at it and just digest it.
  2. Ask yourself, why do I want to do this? What is it that I want?  You can journal on these questions or just ask yourself these questions out loud.  Sometimes the answers are quite surprising.
  3. Take daily steps towards your goals. Even if you are just devoting a few minutes towards it, it’s more than nothing.  Just go for it and take those steps.  You’ve got this.

Remember that the universe does have your back. Just go for it.