Drawing, coloring, and sketching for the win.

I have never thought of myself as an artist. I would color, paint, and draw something like the picture, if you get my drift.  Insert a loud laugh here. My art is not great.  But let’s talk about the benefits of doing this to help you relieve stress.  A friend of mine gifted me an adult coloring book, and I looked at it with a half-smile and said thank you.  Inside I was thinking, “What am I five years old?”  Mannnn! Let me tell you how awesome it has been to do this thing called adult coloring.  I have purchased every gel pen on the planet, and I sit for hours coloring in pictures.  It has brought me all kinds of peace and calm.  Why do you ask? And is it possible for you to do? My answer is…Hell to the yes.

Here’s what I decided to do with it.  I sit down with a nice cup of coffee, grab my MILLION gel pens, and I start coloring.  I start thinking of things and writing them down.  I purge my worries, my doubts, creative ideas appear, and I am in my glory.  Adult coloring has helped me relieve my anxiety right before taking a test and other First Responder activities I may have to do.

Do I carry it in my book bag?  Yes, I do.  If I have a break, I can devote time to myself and so can you.  If you are worried about someone seeing your gel pens you can hide them deep in your book bag or just say it’s your kids’ stuff.  All jokes aside people, these tips have helped me so much and I want to share them with you.  I am linking some cool items below to make your purchases easier with my Amazon Affiliate link.  Happy coloring and I hope you get as much joy from it as I do.  Stay safe friends.

How to color your stress away https://youtu.be/WFHZkfXLL1w

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