The importance of finding ways to relax no matter what that is. But actually doing it.

Every week, I come on and talk about this thing called Stress.  You know, what I am talking about. The stress that life brings, that can’t be avoided and that seems to creep up like a monster sometimes.

Why talk about it so much?

Well…I personally have been plagued by this thing called stress. It has done some pretty awful things to me and I don’t want it to happen to you.  Taking simple steps daily can help you not only relieve it but help you feel better.

When I started my career in law enforcement, I had no idea, how this would be a daily occurrence. Whether it be work related, personal, or just work bull.  But it was real.

Those days, where I could not fall asleep, or I was too tired to fall asleep, I felt worn out and then just didn’t feel like getting up.

Dealing with daily stressors is important. Not waiting for a day off or for a day to relax.

Why? We all know that we say we are going to relax later and later never comes.

Stress can affect your mind, body and behavior.

When stress is left untreated or unchecked, it can contribute to many health problems such as high blood pressure, obesity, heart problems and diabetes *

Now take into account that you are in a high-level police job and your adrenaline is pumping into your body a lot.

The highs and lows are a daily occurrence.

Ok, so you are stressed. All of these things sound familiar.  What do you do?

First thing you should do is schedule a physical with your doctor and discuss what you are feeling.

There is nothing wrong with getting things checked out. Plus it will give you piece of mind.

What exactly are we waiting for? Why are we waiting to relax and feel better?

We are in charge of our relaxation, our lives, our well-being.

There are so many easy techniques that you can do on your own, that will cost you almost nothing.

What am I talking about?

I am talking about meditation, breathing and using essential oils.

I know, I thought the same thing when these were introduced to me at a yoga class. I was like these people are crazy.

Then I started doing them. I started feeling relaxed, I started using them daily and then they became part of my daily stress relieving daily routine.

I even bring them to work to clean off my desk area and use a special blend called Joy.

Who doesn’t need some joy at work? Right?

How can you start right now?

How can you make yourself a priority and not wait for that “perfect” moment?

Start here…

Meditation-breathing and using an essential oil that helps you feel better.

Wherever you are right now.  Stop and take a deep breath in.

Take a deep expansive breath in.  Breathe in through your nose deeply and blow it out.  ‘

Do these three times and feel the instant feeling of relaxation.

Study show that slowing your breathing calms you down and scientist have also figured out that you can relax your brain through your breath.*

How can you add this daily practice into your life?

My suggestion is to start out with an oil that you like.

I personally love Doterra Lavender essential oil.  This oil helps me relax and I also diffuse it prior to going to sleep.

I sometimes place just a few drops in the palm of my hand and rub my hands together.

I breathe that in a couple of times and use my breathing technique to calm down.

The power of the aroma has an effect on my mood and emotions.

Why not associate a lavender scent with relaxation and a way to ground me after a difficult day.

The close connection between the aroma and emotion become clear as certain scents trigger memories or specific feelings.

Certain aromas can elicit emotions by triggering memories and stimulating emotional responses.*  The most amazing feature

about this is that each and every person has a reaction to aromas and no two people  are the same.  Each person out here can

receive a distinct benefit for their own well-being.  Our reactions to  aromas or scents are based on environmental indicators,

past experiences, personal preference, and even our unique genetic makeup.* Not everyone will have the same response to aromas.

How will you choose to relax today?  What will you start out with?

I am hoping you will start out your day with you.  It all starts with you.

Stay safe out there.

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