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Stress and how it affects us is a big problem. 

Bigger than than problem is not dealing with it on a daily basis and then

Hearing people talk about how easy it is to relieve it.

I want to tell you that I have been a first responder, more specifically a police officer for 23 years.

In those 23 years, I have experienced stress a time or two.

My experience with it was sometimes graceful, but more than not it was a disaster.

Inside I felt worn out, I couldn’t sleep, I was feeling tired, angry and all of the things that you could imagine or have experienced yourself.

Hey, I am not talking about this because you don’t know what I am talking about, I am talking about it because there are ways that we can feel better.

Though no one really talks about it and it is taboo to talk about it, I want to tell you that these things are out here.

I want you to have an open mind and try it.

If what you have been doing for yourself hasn’t helped, don’t be afraid to try something new.

What am I talking about?

There are some tips I share with the group, and I even give your resources to help you.

There are many people in the group who also share their own tips, perspectives, and it’s a great network.

We have been doing a 60 program together and we are on day 8.

Though we are on day 8, does not mean you can’t start today.

Each day is an opportunity to reinvent yourself, to start over, and place yourself on top of the list.

I want to leave you with this tip.

Stop and pay attention to how you are breathing.

Just sit quietly, relax your entire body.

If you can close your eyes, close your eyes.

Take a deep breath, and exhale it out.

Do this as many times as you need to.

You can scan your body to see where the tension is and breathe into that.

Please take time daily to do something for yourself.

Place yourself on top of the list.

Stay safe out there.

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