5 Awesome Free applications you have to download today!

I found some great apps that work for me and I want to share them with you.

You know there’s an app., for everything. Annnnddd….. you can take them with you!!!

Here’s my top 5 pics for this week.

1. You want to count your steps throughout the day? Well here’s a FREE way to do that.

If you have an IPhone, there’s a health app. It looks like a heart on your phone.
You can track your steps, you can add medical ID information and so much more.

2. Workouts for Women!!! It’s FREE.
Short, effective workouts. It takes the excuses of not having enough time away and gets you moving.

3. Want another way to track your steps? Try Inpowr. It’s the first auto-coaching application designed for you to reconnect with your mind, body and spirit.

4. Having trouble sleeping? Headspace: Meditation. It’s a great way to reframe stress. You can also relax with guided meditations.

5. A great way to stay positive and grounded is with daily affirmations. This application will remind you to you are special, you are enough, you are worthy of all the great things in the world. These will help you direct your focus. Check out Daily Affirmations!

Our 30 day Challenge begins June 1st.

This challenge will help you direct your focus, practice daily self-care tips, connect with other members, stay positive and learn some new things.

Want in? It’s easy!!!1Just add your contact information here on this website.

Do you have any applications that you love that we all can benefit from? Post them below.