You know how much I love sharing stress management tips but also how to identify your stress style.

It’s Sunday, nine days away from Christmas and I am sure you are feeling it.

I know that I am totally feeling it.

What are 5 ways you can easily reset, recharge and feel better?

I am sharing my favorite below and hope they become yours as well.

Tip #1 Journaling.

You can either write down how your day is going or you can do a worry purge.

The worry purge could be something that you do daily, if you are like me and worry too much at times.

Write all the things that are worrying you and then get rid of the paper.

You can either rip it up, burn it or just throw it out.

It’s a good way to see the worries go and make you feel better.

Tip#2 Meditation.

This is my go-to source of stress relief on a daily basis.

Take time to either do quick reset with my 1-minute meditation here: go to youtube and check out all the wonderful medtiations.  I promise you will feel better.

Tip #3 Exercise.

Whether it’s 5 minutes or 20 minutes, exercise can improve your overall health.  Exercise also pumps up your

endorphins and it’s also another form of meditation.  So you can tackle tip #2 and tip #3 together.

Exercise will also improve your mood and relax you.

Tip #4 Music.

Listening to music can improve your mood.  Listening to music can have a relaxing effect not only on our minds but

our bodies too.  A great way to make sure you have music handy is to create a playlist that will help you in time of need.

I create a playlist for workouts, stress and work.

Tip #5 Deep breathing.

This is one of the best ways to lower stress in your body and my favorite.

You can do this right in front of everyone or by yourself.  In your car or while waiting in line.

When you breathe deeply, you are sending your body a message to relax.

Please take time each day to relax, reset and take care of yourself.

Your body will thank you later.

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