This week I am talking about exercise and the stress relieving benefits it can have in our lives.

It is often difficult to find time to work out because we are prioritizing everything in our lives.

Let me back up just a bit, we are prioritizing everything but not ourselves.

Let’s talk about the last time you got a physical.

Did you get one?

Write that date down. If it didn’t happen a year ago…. It’s time to schedule it.

Next. What kind of exercise are you doing?

Let’s get something straight here.

Any type of exercise to get you started will do.

There’s no sense in getting all bent out out shape if it doesn’t look like your friend’s workout.

We are all unique and we like different things.

So back to you.

What do you like to do?

What sparks your soul?

Whatever that is.

Do that.  Do more of that.

I talk about getting exercise and moving your body, but there is another form that is just as important.

That’s exercise of the mind.

Relaxing your mind and doing things to feel better.

Only you know what that looks like.

My favorite exercise of the mind is…meditation.

This takes me to the most relaxing place and I get to be with my thoughts.

I feel more relaxed and a simple 5 minute boost makes me feel amazing.

You know how much I love this.

Meditation helps you reduce your stress.

Controls anxiety.

Promotes emotional health

Lengthens your attention span.

Enahnces self-awareness.

Improve sleep

Can help decrease your blood pressure

And you can do this anywhere.

I am going to ask you to please do something daily to reduce your stress.

Don’t wait. Today is a perfect day.

If you would like to try a meditation and see what it can do for you. I’ve recorded one and want to share it with you.  Remember there are so many different places to find meditations and resources.   My favorite is YouTube. I will share some of my favorites here.

Please stay safe out there.

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