Are you letting comparisons rule your life or make you feel less than?

No two flowers are the same, yet they are all beautiful and unique in their own special way.

We tend to let people’s opinions of us, count.  We let their opinions matter and we feel less than.

Though I am not calling you a flower, I want you to know that you are special, unique and awesome.

You look just like you are supposed to look, not like the other person you think you should look like.

It’s okay to see beauty in others, and to acknowledge their beauty as well. Go ahead and tell that person,

that you love their shirt, that you think they are beautiful and that they rock.  Why not?

Some people like to label others and those labels I want you to know can be peeled right off.

When someone comes to you with a label, block it.  Don’t allow that label to stick to you. You are your own person,

and that’s final.

I would love for you to grab a pen and paper and list 5-10 things that you are grateful for.   We tend to sometimes dwell

on all of the things we don’t have or all the things we want.  We fail to see that there’s so much to be grateful for.

GRATITUDE is powerful.  Yes it is. Being grateful is an expression of thankfulness and appreciation for all you have.

Practice listing all that you are grateful in the morning and evening.

I love this practice, and I think you will too.

Ask yourself, What am I grateful for today?

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